PT. Multi Pilar Jasa Pirsa Nusa (Multipilar) is a private company established in 2002 and it provides independent services of Claims Loss Adjusting and RiskSurvey.

The Company was founded by senior and experienced professionals from the insurance industry as well as loss adjusting services. Our surveyors and adjusters team has personnels with variety of required competencies and experiences.

The Company has a full professional commitment to provide the best services for insurers, insureds and others inregard to insurance claims, loss adjusting, risk survey, risk assessment and risk management for insurance purposes.


The Company operates legally under the following :

  • Notarial deed Nr. 01 dated 6th October 2000, by Rini Martini Dahliani, SH. notary.
  • Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights
    Nr. C 06928 HT. 01.01. TH. 2001 dated 29th August 2001.
  • Business License for Insurance Loss Adjusters, from the Minister of Finance of the
    Republic of Indonesia with Decree Nr. 084/KM.6/2002 dated 15th April 2002.
  • Tax Registration Number (NPWP) Nr. 01.983.397.9.021.000.

PT. Multi Pilar Jasa Pirsa Nusa
Gedung Menteng Raya 21 Lt. 6 Suite 604
Jl. Menteng Raya No. 21, Jakarta Pusat 10340, Indonesia